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IRONSMITH Pattern and Tooling Division is an integral part of IRONSMITH, INC., a leader in the Landscape Architecture castings market.

The IRONSMITH Pattern and Tooling Division is the result of the inclusion of the employees and assets of Pacific Coast Pattern into IRONSMITH,INC. Pacific Coast Pattern was established by Victor Gay in 1987. Over the years Victor developed a thriving pattern making business serving a client base in a diverse range of industries. The technical knowledge, artistic ability, and talent for problem solving of Victor and his team made Pacific Coast Pattern one of IRONSMITH's most valuable vendors.

In 2009 The principals of IRONSMITH, INC. and Pacific Coast Pattern saw an opportunity to unite to the advantage of both parties. Due to a dramatic rise in demand from the landscape design community for custom hardscape products, IRONSMITH needed expanded pattern making facilities. Pacific Coast Pattern needed to increase its ability to serve its loyal long standing customer base as well as an ever growing client list. By folding Pacific Coast Pattern and its employees into IRONSMITH we are looking forward to doing more together than either could have alone. We will increase the custom capabilities of the IRONSMITH Architectural Products Section and provide enhanced service to all of Pacific Coast Pattern's historic Customers while maintaining the same staff they are accustomed to working with as well as develop new clients for both divisions.

IRONSMITH, INC. sponsors an Employee Stock Ownership Plan. The company stock is held in trust for the employees so all IRONSMITH employees are, in effect, owners. As owners, every IRONSMITH employee has a vested interest in the success of the company and our motto is "Your success is our success".

On July 1, 2010 IRONSMITH Pattern and Tooling Division moved into a new larger facility in Montclair, CA.