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Patterns for:
sand Casting
Roto molding
Vacuum forming
Fiberglass Lay up
Latex or polymer molds

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Pattern work:
Decorative hand carving
to CNC
Artistic to Technical
Tiny to Huge
Design assistance
Reverse Engineering

3D Printing
CNC Mill
CNC router 60" x 60"




IRONSMITH Pattern and Tooling Division


Our pattern makers have decades of combined experience in the production of models, patterns and tooling for a wide range of industries including Aircraft, automotive, architectural, lighting and medical.


Our talented team can produce both production patterns and product mockups from highly technical items such as engine components to artistic ones such as ornate lighting fixtures.


Over the years we have developed excelent working relationships with metal casting foundries, Rotomolders, Medical product OEMs, fabricators, and fiberglass artists. We can work with these relationships to provide turn key product or work with your vendors to ensure your product is what you want.